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February 7, 2008
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Doctor Mew by JennyParks Doctor Mew by JennyParks

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I haven't done any Doctor Who Fan Art in a loooong time. Mostly because my enthusiasm for the show has waned quite a bit over the years... But, I have still decided that I am going to make it to this year's Gallifrey Convention in LA, coming up in a couple weeks (I haven't been in 2-3 years), and as I have entered the art show as I used to, I thought I would submit something that was sort of my trademark... the Doctors... as cats.

My old version was... well... old and crappy, so I thought I would make a new one while my skills have improved (or so I like to think). I had also had many requests to do the newest Doctors, 9 and 10, as cats, since I had done my last DocCat piece before the new show arrived.

I actually had a lot of fun with this, and I tried out a different coloring style than I usually use in Photoshop, which I think turned out nicely.

It was quite a bit of work trying to figure out what kind/color of cat would work well with which Doctor. If you are an avid fan I am sure you could pick out who is who, so I am not going to say which ones they are (because I want to find out if it is obvious or not, haha). The outfits should give them away, anyway.
The sixth cat amuses me... ;D
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Doctor kitties! So much cute!
I found your Doctor Mew series via a DW's Day Roundup when you added the War Doctor & 12, and I LOVE it! I think my favorites of these portraits (NOT to say my favorite Doctors) are 5, the War Doctor, and 9, and the starry TARDIS-blue background is lovely. I do slightly prefer the accessorized variants of 10 & 11 (w/"clever" or 3D glasses, & fez). Also, have you considered trying one of those bony overbred modern oriental shorthairs for 11, for length of face? Anyway, keep up the great work for DW and other fandoms!
I love cats, I love cats I LOVE CATS! And I love the Doctor: all of him. The only quibble here is that maybe 6 should have been a bit more obviously calico, but there's not much room on a cat's head to be that detailed.
I love this! Seven looks like my little boy, a Russian Blue I rescued a couple of years ago. 
karenshiff Jan 29, 2014  New member
I'm devastated.  My ex husband is repossessing my car that has my fave Dr. Mew decal on it and I can't find a replacement anywhere.  Can anyone help???
f-orsvareren Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
they are adorable!
i need a WAR Doctor MEW!
The fourth is so fluffy and adorable and...MEW~~~ <3
ShivvyKitten Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry I meant grin :XD:
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